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New Fingerprint Sensors can sense you underwater

Hey, fellas!! It’s pleasure meeting you all after such a long time. How’re you all doing?? Just checking out my phone this morning, saw some cool and exciting technologies on the web which made me shellshocked for a while. As in the past years, we have to press that power button to get into our […]

Tulipian Beauty opens the gate for Gaming

Hey fellas!! How’re you all doing?? It’s been a long time talking to you guys. Hope you all are doing well!! Lets take you all in your childhood this time. Are you guys ready?? The thing that makes my childhood an amazing one are, the Games that I’ve been grown up playing them. I remembered […]


Studies gotta new taste by now!!

Hello friends!! How’re you all doing?? Most of the people in their early days find the studies too boring. This is because of the mom’s strictness and lots of homework. Homework is like the worst thing that they have to do on the daily basis in that part of life. A day without homework is […]

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