7 Facts that one must know about year 2017

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1. Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development

The U.N. has called 2017 as the International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development. The initiative aims to educate people how international tourism helps understand different cultures and the heritage of other civilizations. As U.N. believes that this help tourists appreciate other countries and thereby aid strengthening of world peace while the life of locals will improve through economic development.

2. First Total Solar Eclipse for us in 21st Century

A total solar eclipse will going to take place on Aug. 21, 2017. It will be visible for the first time in the contiguous U.S. in nearly four decades, the last time it was seen on Feb. 26, 1979. The 2017 eclipse will be the first with a path of totality crossing the country’s Pacific coast and Atlantic coast since 1918. The maximum duration of totality will be around 2 minutes and 41.6 seconds.

3. Year of the Rooster

According to the Chinese calendar, 2017 is the Year of the Rooster. China will celebrate its New Year on Jan. 28, 2017. The lucky colors for the year are gold, brown and yellow, while lucky numbers are 5, 7 and 8.

4. 2017 World Expo in Astana

World Expo 2017, an International Exposition, will open in Astana, Kazakhstan on June 10. Based on the theme “Future Energy,” it aims to trigger a global debate between countries, NGOs, companies and the public on how to ensure sustainable access to energy with minimum CO2 emissions. The expo will focus on innovative energy solutions in light of social, economic and environmental challenges.

5. Inauguration of Donald Trump

President-elect Donald Trump will be sworn in as the 45th President of the U.S. on Jan. 20, marking the start of his four-year term. He will replace the current U.S. President Barack Obama.

6. The Big Releases

movies year 2017

The year will also see the release of a series of blockbuster movies like “Wonder Woman,” “xXx 3: The Return of Xander Cage,” “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales,” “Transformers: The Last Knight” and “Star Wars: Episode VIII.”

7. Disneyland Paris marks its 25th Anniversary

Starting on March 26, 2017, Disneyland Paris celebrates its 25th anniversary with several new entertainment extravaganzas, including the Disney Illuminations show projected on Sleeping Beauty’s Castle as well as new ‘Star Wars’ themed attractions like ‘Star Tour: The Adventure Continues’ and a re-imagining of Space Mountain as ‘Star Wars Hyperspace Mountain.’ Disneyland will also unveil a brand new parade, ‘Disney Stars on Parade,’ which features a stunning fire-breathing dragon. Events will continue throughout the year.

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