China got the New Heights!!

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Hello friends!! How’re you all?? Wanna reach to the great heights in your life but sorry for this time because someone else has stolen the show. Don’t be upset!! Your time will also come and make sure that you’ll grab that opportunity with your both hands. Feeling kinda nervous, I see!! Hey, me just kidding, it’s just a bridge somewhere in China which grabs your opportunity. Wanna beat him!! Hehehehehe…..

Well this time I’m talking about a bridge as I’ve mentioned above. I know you guys are just thinking, What’s so amazing about this bridge?? Lets find out!!

This bridge gonna be known as the highest bridge in the world, which is set at a height of 1854 feet, opened to traffic in China on this Thursday i.e December 29, 2016. The 1341 metre long Beipanjiang Bridge, soars over a river and connects the Guizhou and Yunnan mountainuous provinces. It has reportedly reduced travel time from four hours to one hour. It cost $144 million (over ₹977 crore) to build. It overtook the Si Du River Bridge in the central province of Hubei to become the world’s highest bridge, a separate statement by the provincial transport department said earlier.

China is also home to the second and third highest bridges – the Sidu River Bridge and the Puli Bridge, respectively – as well as other modern wonders such as the Three Gorges Dam (and its ship lift, the world’s largest) and growing high speed rail network.

The Guangzhao Dam is a concrete gravity dam a few miles north of the Beipanjiang Bridge, designed to generate electricity using hydroelectric power generation.


The Beipanjiang is the highest rather than the tallest bridge. The tallest bridge – the bridge with the tallest structure, regardless of distance from the valley floor – remains the Millau Viaduct, a joint British-French venture on the A75 Autoroute. The road deck here is held a mere 270 metres – less than half the height of the Beipanjiang Bridge.

The Beipan river, over which the Beipanjiang Bridge carries traffic, is part of the great Pearl River basin. Because of its geography, the bridges that cross it tend to be remarkably high.

I’m feeling so excited after get to know about this bridge as it’s an damn amazing creation. Just waiting for the day when I’ll get a chance to drive upon this beauty with my gang. Get ready friends!! Will be there one day to make this dream happen…

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