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Hey friends!! How are you all?? Do you find yourself uncomfortable while walking down those secluded streets on your way to home from work in those late hours. Yeah, it feels strange to put your footsteps to these places even after having that strong negative feeling, it is like throwing yourself into the lion’s den. These silent dark streets will definitely make me opting the longer route rather than going from these darker ones. It is really a problem finding cabs and all at those late hours, probably kinda difficult for the females to manage themselves to get home. If you are afraid of the dark then it is not a cause to worry about nowadays. Seriously this thing will definitely help you to cope with your fear of darkness to an extent.


It is not a worry during a powercut to travel along those secluded places. Well in Las Vegas, it is really not an issue. As a New York-based startup, EnGoPlanet has installed smart street lights in Las Vegas, which are powered by the sunlight and the pedestrians’ footsteps. Yes I’m not kidding, you read it right with your footsteps. Lets check how?? While the street lights have solar pads put on the sidewalks absorb the kinetic energy produced by the footsteps. The street lights also serve as Wi-Fi hotspots and device charging stations. The innovative lights have been installed on Las Vegas’ Boulder Plaza. These lights are fueled by kinetic energy that has been absorbed by special tiles on the sidewalk made by London company Pavegen.

Next time you happen to find yourself strolling through Las Vegas on holiday, you’ll find you have some powerful feet. All thanks to a new system installed in Nevada’s gambling haven which is harnessing energy from pedestrians’ footsteps to illuminate street lamps. In total, four street lights and eight kinetic pads are being installed downtown.

The energy-efficient LED street lights primarily get their power from curved solar panels, which charge a battery during the day for operation at night. When the sky is cloudy or there’s not enough juice, the footstep pads are able to charge that battery, pumping out about four to eight watts per step. But it’s not just a street light system. It is outfitted with many features, including a motion sensor that detects the presence of a pedestrian, saving energy when no one is around. The system also has sensors that measure air quality, detect water, and monitor traffic.

EnGoPLANET sees this installation as a stepping stone toward its vision to bring light to areas of the world without electricity. An Indiegogo campaign wants to bring this tech to 10 rural areas in Africa.

The company notes the massive environmental cost traditional streetlights can bring. Lighting them costs the world $40 million each year, and results in over 100 million tons of CO2. This may seem insignificant compared to the nearly 10 billion metric tons, but small changes add up. The world is getting warmer, and scientific consensus tells us that it’s our fault.

That’s why initiatives like this are needed. They push cities toward more sustainable ways to develop and bring services. At this point, we’ll need a massive rethinking of how we build cities if we want to stave off ecological disaster.


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