Tulipian Beauty opens the gate for Gaming

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Hey fellas!! How’re you all doing?? It’s been a long time talking to you guys. Hope you all are doing well!! Lets take you all in your childhood this time. Are you guys ready?? The thing that makes my childhood an amazing one are, the Games that I’ve been grown up playing them. I remembered those days when my mom had to keep me away from my gaming console as I’d like to play games for hours or for the whole day. This gaming adds a charm to my life that makes my childhood a bit crazier. I know you guys too have some gaming stories like me so you can comment them down below to let me know!!


As gaming being the special part of everyone’s life which makes someone to think and do something about it. So a place has been opened for us in the Land of Tulips, to revive the feeling of gaming in us. This place is popularly known as ‘The Arcade Hotel‘, which is the World’s first hotel designed specially for gamers, has opened in Amsterdam.

The Arcade Hotel has a lobby that features shared game consoles, a comic book library which can be seen as the best mode of entertainment for their customers. Even all the hotel rooms are knitted up with the retro consoles. Gaming events, extra consoles and drinks are all available in common spaces. In case you need a multiplayer setup, just go get some extra controllers from downstairs. Such cool things and their hospitality will make your stay there a memorable one. Apart from the games, they served you with the delicious food with local cheese, organic jams, Italic ham, whole grain bread and some fresh fruits. The hotel offers their customers with their fleet of bikes when they actually need to go outside to visit in the near vicinity during their stay in the hotel. Rooms will cost between €125 and €250 per night.

Building on an established family-run hotel business, owner Daniel Salmanovich says he’s “remodelling this hotel into a special place for people who love gaming. I wanted to create a place where travelers and gamers feel like they are staying at a friends home.”


And he did this as he said as ‘The Arcade Hotel’ had undergone an €800,000 revamp in which the owners have redesigned the lobby, bar and restaurant and expanded the hotel to 43 rooms. Other new additions to the hotel include a games room with Virtual Reality headsets, the latest computer consoles and gaming PCs. That’s on top of the current crop of gaming machines on offer including Ataris, Nintendo Entertainment Systems, Gameboys, PlayStations, Game Cubes, Super Nintendos, N64s and Xboxes.

So what are you waiting for? Book that flight to the Netherlands, and when you’re in Amsterdam, be sure to spend at least one night in the Arcade Hotel. It’ll be an experience in and of itself.

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  1. Starting of the article is so amazing.Such place is wonderful for game lovers as you. Best wishes for you Sanyam

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