A Gold Burger to debut in Dubai Food Festival 2017

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Hey fellas!! How’re you all? These days housing kitchens are not that much responsible to fight with hunger. As these days, that place has been taken up by the pizzas, burgers, fries and all. I don’t know what they have in them but their taste make me forgetting those green leafy veggies served from my mommy’s kitchen. Even these burgers, fries have affected me a lot. I can’t let myself away from the McDonald’s, Domino’s just to grab my meal.

But this time, these McDonald’s & Domino’s can’t work for me as there’s is something really amazing than all these foods is here in the house!! It is my Dream Burger and hope it gonna be yours too. It’s name makes it more special and gonna popularly called as ‘Burg-Khalifa‘. You got that right, man!! It’s name is quite similar with the World’s Tallest Building, ‘Burj Khalifa‘. But it’s not the name that makes it more special and my dream burger but its qualities are the one that makes it One of a Kind. Lets find out what’s so special about this burger- ‘Burg Khalifa‘!!

gold burgerIt’s a towering burger topped with an edible 24-carat gold leaf brioche bun which gonna make its debut at the annual ‘Eat The World DXB‘ event in Dubai this February. This event is all set to take place at Dubai’s Burj Park from February 23 to February 25. This towering burger consists of five Wagyu beef patties with truffle cheese, blackberry ketchup, foie grass and saffron mayonnaise.

After getting know about its qualities, you guys are a bit excited to know about its price. Ya I know this excitement is kinda usual thing, don’t worry I’ll tell it to you for sure. You guys can grab one at the cost of $63 only. The Burg Khalifa will be available for order at the event.

Besides this, the Eat The World DXB 2017 event gonna feature a celebrity chef theatre, a food market and an outdoor cinema.

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