History behind Birthday Cakes & Candles

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Hello folks!! How are you all?? This post is dedicated to all the people who loves to celebrate their birthdays. Well everyone loves to celebrate the birthdays, there is no doubt in that. Birthday– a day which is totally different from the other days as it has some kind of joy and happiness in the air. It’s so awesome to get wishes from that very second when clock struck twelve and it’s your birthday ahead. For me that feeling is out of the world that can’t be expressed in words and hope you all feel the same. It’s too amazing to see your social media on this special day which is full of cute pics, lovely wishes and mesmerizing videos posted by your dear ones which make your day more special.


And how can we forget those beautiful and delicious cakes and sparkling candles over it?? As without a birthday cake, celebration seems to be incomplete. Well, have u ever thought why do we blow candles and cut the cake on the birthdays?? Have you ever noticed why do we do such thing?? Lets find out what’s the story behind these birthday cakes and candles.


Until the industrial revolution, birthday cakes were almost exclusively for the wealthy, as they were able to afford such extravagance. The industrial revolution helped to spread birthday cakes to the public as the advancement and proliferation of technology and materials made them cheaper and more easily produced. Like cakes themselves, the tradition of lit candles adorning a cake goes back thousands of years, but did not necessarily become associated with birthdays until much later.

According to a legend, the tradition of birthday cakes and candles began in Ancient Greece, when people brought cakes with candles for the Goddess Artemis, goddess of the hunt. The candles were lit to make them glow like the moon, a popular symbol associated with Artemis. Many ancient cultures also believed that smoke carried their prayers to the heavens. Today’s tradition of making wishes before blowing out your birthday candles may have started with that belief.

Others believe that the tradition of birthday candles started with the Germans. In 1746, Count Ludwig Von Zinzindorf celebrated his birthday with an extravagant festival. And, of course, a cake and candles: “there was a cake as large as any oven could be found to bake it, and holes made in the Cake according to the Years of the Person’s Age, every one having a Candle stuck into it, and one in the Middle.” The Germans also celebrated with birthday candles during Kinderfest, a birthday celebration for children in the 1700s. A single birthday candle was lit and placed on the cake to symbolize the “light of life.”


While birthday celebrations vary all over the world, most cultures do celebrate the anniversary of birth in some way, and baked sweets like birthday cakes seems to be a very popular way to do so! Well I like to wish a very Happy Birthday who are having their birthdays nearby. May god bless you with a rocking life ahead!! Enjoy your day and partying like an animal!!!!

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