A House with Breathing Walls

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Hello folks!! How are you all?? Hope you all are doing good.. It’s been a long time that I’ve been to a place having a beautiful house besides mesmerizing nature scenes having chirping of birds, soothing cool breeze, beautiful lush green trees waving all around and how can we miss those pleasant showers as a result of which we guys will able to get that lovely petrichor which fills your day with some sort of sweetness and joy. I’ll only get a chance to feel these things when I’m on a break from my hectic routine, the time when I’m going to meet my grandma. Those days were the best days of my life as the happiness of seeing my grandma after such a long time makes me feel so good and the nature worked as an add-on to my happiness.

By the way, I know this urban life has changed the man to an extent that we all are used to the speedy life as it’s the basic requirement to live in the urban areas. As urban people used to spend their most of the time whether in their cubicles or with their smartphones in their hand. even they don’t have a single second to get a glimpse of that lovely sunset with their loved ones due to their office works. Well I understand, it is so hard to get some free sometime out of this busy urban life.

Have you ever thought if you will get a break from your busy life like a holiday break of two months!! What’s say!! So what will be the first thing that’ll come in your mind?? It will be rest or may be a sound sleep I guess.. Just kidding!! If I will get such kind of thing then being a nature lover, I’ll like to spend my break somewhere in the heart of the nature with my dear ones..

Or I’ll be spending my holidays in creating something really innovative and beautiful as this duo has created. Asha and Hari, a couple from Kerala has built a Green House: A House where the walls literally breathe. They named it ‘Nanavu‘. It was built in 2010 at the cost of ₹4 lakhs only. It’s walls are made of mud which allows the air to pass through them. We spent our whole lives in paying bills but in this house, the bills are not a problem for you. As this innovation only uses 4 units of electricity every month thereby making Asha and Hari to pay ₹20 as their monthly electricity bill. Have you guys ever think of a ₹20 electricity bill!! It’s not a dream, Trust me!!

Instead of a fridge, they use an earthen pot surrounded by wet mud for quenching their thirst. There is no such sightings of gas cylinders in their green home as they uses biogas made from the waste of the house. Apart from these amazing things, this green house is furnished with urban amenities which run on solar energy.

Global warming being one of the greatest problems that our Blue Planet is facing these days. But in this time of worries, Asha and Hari are leading by example. This eco-friendly house is a great example or can be seen as an amazing invention by this duo to fight with this problem. A Hats off to you guys for this amazing creation…

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  1. Interesting story really true my grandparents house is made of mud walls such a cool place.
    Back to basics with new technology & new experiment.

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