Kingdom of Steam

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Hey explorers!! How are you all?? Wanna explore something new and really amazing!! It is a place that can make you feel awesome when your place is dealing with frosty and chilling winds, in the winters or very often in weather disturbances over an area. This place is one of those places that can leave you shell shocked for an instance of time, as something like this really exist or I’m in some dream. This place can make you feel like you’re in Kingdom of Steam, by seeing those vapours besides you. Isn’t it amazing to see yourself getting clicked within this steam locale. This steam locale is situated in one of the most beautiful countries of the world.


Popularly known as Beppu Town in Japan is reportedly always shrouded in steam, with nearly 3000 hot spring vents ejecting more than 1.3 lakh tons of hot water in a day. This has been attributed to the 1592-metre  Mount Aso, the largest active volcano in Japan. Needless to say, Beppu is the largest hot spring resort in the world – and the names of its pools leave visitors under no illusions about the heat involved. The eight major geothermal hotspots are too hot to bathe in and are often called the eight hells of Beppu.

beppu-sea-hell steam

Sea Hell is a pond of boiling blue water; Shaven Head Hell a 99°C pit of mud; Mountain Hell is also muddy but comes in at a slightly cooler 90°C; Cooking Pot Hell has six different-coloured ponds that have temperatures varying from 80°C to boiling point; Demon Mountain Hell, or Crocodile Hell, is slightly cooler and is a centre for breeding crocodiles; White Pond Hell features a 95°C hot spring and zen-garden aesthetics, Blood Pond Hell is, as the name suggests, a pond that’s red in colour and Spout Hell is a boiling hot geyser, which wows crowds with a 6-to-10-minute fountain of water every 30 to 40 minutes.

The hellishly hot pools at Beppu are surrounded by delicate foliage, which makes for photogenic scenes. The red-lettered indication of temperature warns visitors not to get in this pool. This pool is known as White Pond Hell. It’s surrounded by a neat garden and there’s a small aquarium nearby.


tumblr_mg32x7y0br1s2rewto1_1280 steam

Visiting tourists always get a warm welcome and are treated to such delights as eggs being boiled in the hot springs, foot baths in some of the cooler ponds and huge souvenir shops. The warm water doesn’t just serve the tourist industry, though – it’s also piped into homes and businesses.

Well, Beppu being the hottest can’t let Japan out of my favourites. Being one of the most beautiful countries in the world, being one of my close friend’s dream destination makes Japan kinda special for me. I’ll definitely like to visit Japan in the near future and yes, this blog is dedicated to one of my close friends. I hope you’ll like this and hope the same from all of you!!

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