Lifetime Marathon on those 22 yards

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Hey friends!! How are you all?? Hope you all are fit and full of energy. Then lets go for a run then may be a crosscountry one or can be a marathon. Are u ready friends?? It’s good to see you so excited but we will run some other day for sure, that’s my promise. But this time, someone else steals the show. As he is someone who is full of spark, passion, dedication, skills as well as stamina too. He is that much great that I don’t even have the words to describe this man, his talent and attitude can describe him better. He is the gem that India has ever produced, the ‘God of Cricket‘, the ‘Master Blaster‘, he is none other than, Sachin Tendulkar.


The role model and inspiration to the cricketers out there. He has that kind of game that fill a dead man full of life and cheerness. Such an amazing contribution to the Indian cricket with that years of tremendous knocks full of centuries. His presence on those 22 yards is something that makes whole India as well as his fans from all over the world that much crazy that they can’t miss that single second of his innings. Now you can think on your own how great is this man.

Well it is sad that his fans can’t see him playing on those 22 yards as he took retirement from all the forms of cricket on November 16, 2013 when he played against West Indies for the last time. This turned his great fans emotional because they can’t see him playing anymore. But anyways a grand salute to you sir for such an amazing career and for those years full of excitement.


Besides being an amazing player, he is a good runner too. This fact can leave you crazy that he has run atleast 353 kilometers between wickets for his international runs, excluding boundaries. You can take this thing as his lifetime marathon between wickets. Yeah, it is.. Sachin ran 7275 test runs runs, 9192 ODI runs and 1087 T20 between those 22 yards which corresponds to running 147 km, 185 km and 21 km respectively. The total figure of 353 km excludes the runs he ran for his batting partners’ runs.


Well, Tendulkar has amassed 18426 runs from 463 ODIs at an average of 44.83 and falls just one short of a half-century of hundreds in the 50 overs format. He also has 15921 runs from 200 Tests. Only one to accomplish rare ODI triple: 15000 runs (18426), 100 wickets (154) and 100 catches (140). He’s the only man to score 100 centuries in the cricketing history. Tendulkar scored his much awaited 100th international hundred on 16 March 2012, at Mirpur against Bangladesh in the Asia Cup. He became the first person in history to achieve this feat. Incidentally, it was Tendulkar’s first ODI hundred against Bangladesh. He said “It’s been a tough phase for me … I was not thinking about the milestone, the media started all this, wherever I went, the restaurant, room service, everyone was talking about the 100th hundred. Nobody talked about my 99 hundreds. It became mentally tough for me because nobody talked about my 99 hundreds.” Along with these centuries, he has a double ton in his box too which he has scored against South Africa.


It’s truely said he is the GOD OF CRiCKET. A complete package of cricketing fun.
Sir, your fans are waiting too see you once again between those wickets. Hope we’ll get that chance to enjoy that innings in this life once again…….

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