Make your presence a second longer in year 2016

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Hello friends!! How’re you all?? Are you guys excited for the New Year?? As the year 2016 is just about to end, has only few hours left. Well how the year 2016 is special for you?? Do you wanna share with me!! Well for me it is one of those special years that I’ve ever spent in my life. Year 2016 brings some sort of happiness, joy, madness, memorable moments and some great friends as well. Those amazing and mad moments while hanging out with my friends gonna be the best memories I can get out of this year.

Well apart from this craziness, this year has something extra that’ll blow up your minds. This is the kind of thing which you will only able to get at this place. The Year 2016 is kinda different from the other years thereby offering you an advantage. Wanna know about it!! Lets find out what’s so different in this year!!

The year 2016 is giving you an advantage of making your presence a bit longer in this amazing year. For welcoming the New Year, you will have to wait a little longer than usual as the countdown to New Year this year will take one second longer than usual as clock experts will compensate for a slowdown in the Earth’s rotation. The ‘leap’ second will be introduced after 23:59:59 by National Physical Laboratory on December 31. The ‘leap’ second, added for the 27th time, is necessary due to unpredictable changes in the Earth’s rotational speed.


Modern timepieces tick to the rhythm of Earth’s rotation based on the 24 hours it takes for the planet to complete one spin on its axis. But on the level of seconds, the planet’s rate of spin fluctuates, mainly due to the gravitational effects of Earth’s moon. The push and pull of our orbital partner causes the planet’s massively heavy reserves of water to slosh around, which decelerates the spin between 1.5 and two milliseconds a day, on average.

Leap seconds are used to fill in the gap and make Earth’s observed speed align with our most accurate clocks—atomic devices that define a second by measuring the regular decay of radioactive elements such as cesium.

A total of 26 leap seconds have been added since the practice began in 1972, when the world got 10 leap seconds to make up for lost time. Since 1972, 26 additional leap seconds have been added at intervals varying from six months to seven years. The most recent was inserted on June 30, 2015.

The extra seconds are introduced in the last minute of either December or June, or rarely March or September. It is also possible for a second to be removed from the UTC (universal coordinated time) timescale, although this has never happened. The International Earth Rotation and Reference Systems Service (IERS), based at the Paris Observatory in France, tracks the Earth’s rotation and announces when a leap second is needed roughly six months in advance.

So at last, wishing you guys a very Happy and Prosperous New Year!! May this New Year will bring the tonnes of happiness to you and to your family. Have a rocking New Year ahead!! And yes do share your best moments of 2016 in the comment section if you wanna do so….

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