Rainbow got its new colours

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Hello friends!! How are you all?? Are there any hard times going on for somebody out there?? Please don’t be sad. All you have to need is some sort of motivation or hope or maybe a sign of happiness. Well happiness is the thing that can change your mood in just an instance of time. A pinch of happiness can make one’s day worth it and kinda special for sure. It can be anything that can make you having that billion dollar smile on that cute face. It may be some good news or some kind of surprise. Well the thing which is at the top of my list of the things that can be the reason to make me full of happiness is the RAINBOW. It is always mesmerizing to see those beautiful seven colours saying hello to you, the moment you see them together will spark something inside you that kills all your boredom, frustrations, laziness by blowing some sort of positiveness inside you.

It is kinda crazy if I will say that the rainbow we usually like to see gets evolved and inherits some cool and crazy look. Will you guyzz can belive this thing?? I know it’s kinda difficult to accept such thing but don’t worry I’ll take you there to make you friends believe on this crazy fact. And a photographer, Melvin Nicholson has made this thing possible. As he has captured a white rainbow, also called the ‘fog bow‘. Have you ever heard of such thing. He captured this white rainbow framed over an isolated tree on the Rannoch Moor in Scotland.

He’ll have to rely on memory and those stunning photos because white rainbows truly are a rare phenomenon – similar yet far different than a conventional rainbow. Also known as fog bows, cloud bows or ghost rainbows, white rainbows start the same way as conventional rainbows do when sunlight hits water droplets is the sky opposite the sun.

How these Fog bows are different from the Rainbows??

fogbow-teide3 rainbow

The first difference is in the size of the droplets. While regular rainbows are the result of rain (duh), white rainbows are caused by much smaller droplets which occur in fog or clouds. Their size prevents them from breaking the colorless sunlight into its bright components so it appears to be a white opaque band in the sky. While the shape is generally an arch, a fog bow can occur in other formations and is usually wider than a rainbow.

Rainbows normally occur when light gets diffracted from tiny droplets of rain in the sky. It should be noted that rainbows only occur on light drizzles as there is sufficient light still in the sky to create diffraction on tiny water droplets. The fog bow, on the contrary, is made up of tinier droplets of water that form fog. Though it can still diffract colors such that of a rainbow, the range of colors it can create are too weak to be noticeable. What could be seen is a red outer edge and a bluish inner edge. All other colors within the range of yellow, orange and green are blended into or replaced by the red and bluish edges, making them unnoticeable.

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