Restaurant that gives you wings!!

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Hey foodies!! How are you?? Being a foodie, it is always amazing to talk about the food. Well those delicious cakes, pastries, muffins start making your mouth watery. That power of attraction is so strong that can’t let you go from there without having that delicious thing in your mouth. Yummy, it’s so good. Really such a great power of attraction, me can’t let myself without those yummy deserts but right now feeling helpless. Well I’m great food lover and loves to eat South Indian and Chinese the most. That Dosa having that lovely crisp served with hot sambhar and coconut puree is something that can make me leave anything to have that feel of South India that can make your whole day worth it. Chinese food also shares a great place in my heart. Those spicy delicious noodles and manchurians that I love to eat with my friends whenever we like to go out. Besides food, the place that hotel also matters where you love to eat.. Lets go out somewhere to explore something new, I hope we will find something interesting out there.


Hey friends just see there something amazing will be waiting for us right there. This is something really strange and innovative. Looks amazing. Ya, I’m talking about that aircraft standing right there on the streets. Wtf!! An aircraft on the streets. Yeah, that’s real and the thing is an Aircraft Restaurant. Can u guyzz belive this!!

This thing is China’s first aircraft restaurant, located inside a retired Boeing 737 aircraft, recently opened to the public. Situated in Wuhan in Hubei province, the ‘Lily Airways‘ restaurant cost around $5 million to build,claimed its owner, Li Yang. The restaurant, which features waiters dressed as an airplane’s cabin crew, can accommodate around 70 guests at a time.


It is something where guests can enjoy fine cuisine inside a massive aircraft without ever leaving the ground. Far from the typical packaged nuts available aboard many flights, Lily Airways offers a fine dining menu selection. The wait staff even wear flight attendant attire to make the experience feel more authentic. The restaurant operator, Li Yang, says that the retired aircraft was bought from Batavia Airways of Indonesia, after getting inspired by a hotel in Sweden carved from an old airplane It took almost four months to transport, at a cost of 35 million yuan.


The aircraft is a decommissioned aircraft purchased from Batavia Air, an Indonesian company, which went bankrupt in 2013. It is located on a German-style pedestrian street of the Wuhan. The Boeing 737 is reportedly over 28 years old and had previously been owned by several major airline companies including British Midland Airlines and Mandala Airlines. The narrow-body aircraft was split into several parts and transported by sea from Indonesia to China after Li purchased it last year. Disassembling the plane took around four months.


After finally setting up the airplane restaurant on the Optics Valley, a German style pedestrian Street, in one of the busiest shopping areas of Wuhan, Li is ready to welcome curious diners and airplane enthusiasts. The restaurant is located in the cabin area of the airplane, and the cockpit has been converted into a flying simulator where patrons will be able to experience what it’s like to fly a passenger jet. 

WUHAN, CHINA - SEPTEMBER 09: Russian cooks cook food in airplane restaurant on September 9, 2016 in Wuhan, Hubei province, China.. Different from the past airplane theme restaurants, this international route cuisine restaurant named " jasmine aviation" is transformed from a retired Boeing 737 aircraft, and is the first airplane restaurant in the country. The operator of this restaurant Lilang claims that the retired aircraft was bought from the Batavia Airway of Indonesia, and it took almost 4 months in transporting and took 35 million Yuan. (Photo by Wang HE/Getty Images)

A dinner at Lily Airways is priced between 200 to 300 yuan ($30 – $45) per person, while the cockpit plying simulation will set flight enthusiasts back 300 to 400 yuan ($45 – $60).

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