Sparkling Beer Bottle Forest!!

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Hello friends!! How are u all?? This time lets talk about some forests. Forests can easily make u think about fun, adventure, dayouts, beauty and sometimes kinda horror. Green lushed trees, coiled creepers, beautiful floral life, mindblastic fauna and last but not the least spellbounding natural views that make your hearts fall for them instantly, will be the majors for a place to be seen as an attractive and beautiful forests. The thing about which I’m talking today will definitely put some stress on your brains to believe this as this is something really amazing and is hard to believe at once. A beer bottle forest!!!!

The Tsingtao Brewery in China has created a ‘beer bottle forest’ using tall metal poles and plastic versions of the brewery’s signature green bottles in the city of Qingdao. The entire setup consists of around 30,000 bottles and over 1,000 poles. The effect is meant to look like a forest of trees. Qingdao’s “beer bottle forest” features a light and sound show in the evenings, with special lighting effects projected on the beer bottles and tree-like structures to simulate the movement of sea waves and beer foam, complete with background music.


The installation went up on the promenade at Tangdao Bay, a beach park in the brewery’s home city of Qingdao, which also gives the brewery its name. It is hoped that the artwork will provide a unique addition to the landscape, as well as promoting the brewery. The “beer leaves” were sparkling under the green lights, allowing visitors to travel amid a wonderland.

Tsingtao, which is pronounced ‘ching-daow’ like the city’s name, has been brewing beer since 1903. The brewery was founded by an English-German joint company during the time that the city was briefly a German colony from 1898 to 1914. Tsingtao is China’s second largest brewery and one of its most successful beer exporters.

Visitors can check out the local beers at the Tsingtao Beer Museum in Qingdao. A tour includes a close-up look at the brewing process and kit, the bottling plant and a museum that chronicles the brewery’s history, as well as a tasting room with samples.


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