Studies gotta new taste by now!!

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Hello friends!! How’re you all doing?? Most of the people in their early days find the studies too boring. This is because of the mom’s strictness and lots of homework. Homework is like the worst thing that they have to do on the daily basis in that part of life. A day without homework is like getting an extra life in your game of life and a day without school is a jackpot. These things will change when they grow up and enter the higher studies where they will come to know about the real motto of their life. But in between the school life and the professional life, there stands the college life where the meaning of education totally changes. During college life, one will enjoy the life at its level best with their studies going on the other hand.

After the schools, the big question arises,” Which college should I opt for higher studies??” or “Which course should I opt for my better future??”, and the only way to answer such questions is to hear what your heart says!! Well nowadays world is changing with a rapid pace which as in result giving rise to some new and innovative fields that one can opt to make their future.

We have something really interesting and innovative for you guys. Don’t you wanna know what is it?? It’s something that will make your higher studies somehow delicious which leads to a chocolaty future. Yes, guys heard that right, I’ve just said ‘Chocolaty Future’. It doesn’t need something big to make such thing possible. Lets find out how this thing can be possible!!


It can be done just by enrolling yourself with the University of the West in England, UK. As they are offering a grant of ₹12 lakh (£15,000) per year for a Phd in Chocolate. Students will be studying the genetic factors that influence the flavour of a chocolate under this course. The three-year position has been created in response to demand from the chocolate industry for more forensic knowledge of different cocoa strains.

Aims of the Phd Degree
  • Further developing chloroplast-based marker screening approaches of chocolate-derived material to identify location of small cooperative producers.
  • Identifying farm-specific DNA markers characterising the microbiota on the surface of fermented cacao beans from chocolate samples via Next Generation Sequencing.
  • Developing molecular specific assay for diagnostic SNPs of specific cocoa origin,
  • Liaising with the chocolate industry to assess the potential of these molecular screening methods for tracing sustainably certified cacao products.

And you don’t have to worry about the job as the geniuses behind some of the world’s most famous sugary treats – including Cadbury, Milka, Prince and Oreo – announced a brand new opportunity to join their team as a part-time chocolate taster.. The firm, which posted the role on LinkedIn, is looking for someone who can taste its delicacies and deliver honest and objective feedback within its team of skilled panelists. The successful candidate will then help Mondelez perfect and launch brand new products all over the world for years to come.

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