Hear the colors and taste the music!!

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Hey fellas!! How’re you all doing?? This time we are back with something really interesting. I know you guys will find my question kinda crazy. Is it possible to hear the colors or to taste the music?? In starting, this guy right there on the keys, even he doesn’t believe this thing but now he has tried to convince himself to except the truth. Wanna know how this thing can be made possible?? So lets find out, how?????

You guys do not believe that there is a blending of different senses takes place in the body caused by a neurological condition called as ‘Synesthesia‘. This condition lets people experience sensations such as hearing colors and tasting music. It is believed that synesthesia is caused by irregularity in neural connections which in result leads to a breakdown of boundaries between senses.

From where this phenomenon get its name, ‘Synesthesia’??

This phenomenon, Synesthesia derives its name from a Greek word that means ‘to perceive together‘.


The condition of Synesthesia is relatively rare, as you find this kinda problem in 1 out of every 2000 people. This is believe to be genetic. Most affected people enjoy having this condition and report their experiences really awesome. Synesthesia will be seen more in the females than the males. And guys won’t believe that around 60 types of Synesthesia exist in this world. Plenty of famous people have had synesthesia such as composer Franz Liszt and physicist Richard Feynman.


Types Of Synesthesia
  • Color SynesthesiaColors-synesthesia
  • Chromesthesia
  • Spatial Sequence Synesthesia
  • Number Form
  • Auditory-tactile
  • Ordianal Linguistic Personification
  • Misophonia
  • Mirror Touch
  • Lexical-Gustatory

Many researchers are interested in synesthesia because it may reveal something about human consciousness. One of the biggest mysteries in the study of consciousness is what is called the “binding problem.” No one knows how we bind all of our perceptions together into one complete whole. For example, when you hold a flower, you see the colors, you see its shape, you smell its scent, and you feel its texture. Your brain manages to bind all of these perceptions together into one concept of a flower. Synesthetes might have additional perceptions that add to their concept of a flower. Studying these perceptions may someday help us understand how we perceive our world.

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