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Hello friends!! How are you all?? It seems to be very strange but anyways can u tell me how old are you??Ya ya, tell me!! I know it’s kinda awkward to ask someone’s age like this but trust me you’ll be in profit from all aspects. As this time I’m here with something which can turn you a little bit jealous as well as surprised. How long does a human live?? It can be 60, can be 80 or can hit 95+ sometimes. The average human life that a normal human lives is around 71 years. I don’t know for how long we are here on this beautiful Earth but the people of Acciaroli village are the lucky ones who lives for almost 100 years, a century as over 1 in 10 people in this Italian village aged 100.


Eighty-one villagers out of a total 700 in the Acciaroli village of Italy are aged hundred, prompting scientists to study why the villagers live long lives. Experts have said sexual activity amongst villagers ‘appears to be rampant’ and commented on a ‘healthy’ diet. It is believed that there are low rates of heart disesase and dementia among locals, including centenarians.

The research team analysed blood samples from more than 80 residents, and discovered extraordinarily low levels of adrenomedullin, a hormone that widens blood vessels. The levels of adrenomedullin were similar to those you would normally find in people in their 20s and 30s, the researchers said. High levels of the hormone can cause blood vessels to contract, causing circulatory problems which can lead to other serious health conditions. The scientists found the hormone “in a much reduced quantity in the subjects studied and seems to act as a powerful protecting factor, helping the optimal development of microcirculation”, or capillary circulation.


The research team is yet to discover the cause of the phenomenon, but believe it is closely related to diet and exercise. People in Acciaroli tend to eat locally caught fish, home-reared rabbits and chickens as well as olive oil and home-grown vegetables and fruit. The study also notes that the locals all eat rosemary, which is thought to help improve brain function, and local varieties of the herb are set to be studied in a broader examination into longevity in the region.

In addition, those living in the region suffer from fewer diseases than those living in other western countries. Doctors found that they don’t have the sort of chronic diseases that they see in the US such as heart disease, obesity and Alzheimer’s. Doctors also noticed that they don’t suffer from cataracts whereas most people in the US, if you are over 80, you have cataracts.

About Acciaroli


Acciaroli is an Italian hamlet, the most populous in the comune of Pollica, Province of Salerno, in the Campania Region. It is a port on the Cilento coast on the Tyrrhenian Sea. The largest township in its comune, followed by the hamlet of Pioppi, it is six kilometers from Pollica, 20 from Santa Maria di Castellabate, 17 from Velia, 30 from Agropoli, and 70 from Salerno.

The town is a part of “Cilento and Vallo di Diano National Park“, whose natural environment is made up of the “maquis shrubland” typical of the Mediterranean region. It is a major tourist destination, especially during summer, because it has grown famous nationally for of its water quality, having earned the “Blue Flag beach” title and the “Five Sails” of Legambiente, an Italian environmentalist association, for several years.

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