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Hey guyzz!!! You find this thing seriously amazing when you guyzz will come to know that you can travel the whole world in the few steps without any fare. Yes I’m serious, it hardly costs anything  to have a loop of the world and that too without any transport.

You guyzz think that this guy goes crazy  but unfortunately this thing is really possible in the very next moment. Let’s check it how??? The thing you guyzz have to do is that you have to visit Denmark to attain this lifetime oppurtunity.

Lake Klejtrup reveals all the secrets once you will be there. As there’s a spellbounding world map waiting for you which definitely makes you say ‘WOW’ for a once. This beautiful world wap can be explored on foot.


Verdenskortet, measuring 45 by 90 metres, has been built to scale using stones and soil. It was created by the late Soren Poulsen betwwen 1944-1969. He built the attraction entirely by hand aided only by “a wheelbarrow, a pushcart, handtools and a whole lot of ingenuity.” Poulsen was inspired to build it after finding a stone shaped like the Jutland Peninsula. At the Verdenskortet attraction, visitors can march across all the world’s countries in a matter of minutes and then have a cup of coffee and a pastry at the adjoining cafe.


Soren Poulsen was born in 1888 on the property and moved to the United States when he was a young man. After 20 years abroad, he moved back to the family farm on the banks of Lake Klejtrub. Following a failed orchard grove venture, he turned his attention in 1944 to the project that would consume him until his death at 81 years old in 1969.

Poulsen reportedly did most of his construction work during the winter; as Lake Klejtrup froze over, he carefully positioned dozens of stones and boulders on the ice. When the lake thawed, the boulders descended into the water, forming the foundation for the project’s landmasses.

Since the map’s completion in 1969 (and Poulsen’s death shortly thereafter), territorial boundaries in certain regions have shifted considerably. Although the borders of individual countries are not demarcated, each country is represented by a small flag planted proudly in the ground.

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